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Image: Simon Scheuerle - God is dead clever

curated contemporary artFeatured artist:

Janet Echelman
Brookline / USA

The American artist Janet Echelman specializes in large public art installations and sculptures.


curated art david fried

Featured artist:

David Fried
New York / USA
Düsseldorf / Germany

In Bed with Lucy and Dolly.



curated contemporary artFeatured artist:

Simon Scheuerle
Canberra / Australia

Simon Scheuerle uses a wide variety of everyday materials to produce his objects and installations.


art biennale

55 Biennale di Venezia

01.06. - 24.11.2013
Venice / Italy

The probably most exiting exhibition for modern and contemporary art in the world.


modern art
widera art

Featured artist:

Stephan Widera
Düsseldorf / Germany

Multi-Artist Widera works as a painter, photographer, digital artist, sculptor and designer.


Featured artist:

Paul Schwietzke
Düsseldorf / Germany

P. Schwietzke, Member of the successful school of K.O.Götz, brings different artistic movements together.


modern art

curated contemporary artFeatured artist:

Shari Pierce
Munich / Germany
and USA

Reflections on US-artist Shari Pierce's Agraphobia.


featured contemporary artFeatured artist:

Takashi Murakami
Tokyo / Japan

Things are not what they seem. Murakami and the difference between childlike and childish.


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Images: Simon Scheuerle, Franco Meloni, Michael Beck, Minon, Angel Pastor, Roberto Roseano, Jack Radclffe, Stephan von Vegesack, Fumie Kihara, David Fried, Gavingo, Takashi Murakami, Paul Schwietzke, Stephan Widera.

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